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Golf - for everyone and everywhere - wheelchair golf also for you?

An initiative of golf4you

Golf for everyone and everywhere, that is the objective of the non-profit association golf4you, also for wheelchair golfers, without great technical effort for everyone and everywhere where handicapped access and facilities exist. Short golf, the short game of long golf, is played with standard equipment on artificial turf fairways. The short game is the approaches to the green and putting to the flag. 90% of all golfers play this short golf when they are not regularly approaching the greens and need an extra shot, an approach shot. Short Golf is playing great golf without sacrificing valuable strategic content.

Short Golf makes wheelchair golf a balancing sport

CARVINGGOLF: Wheelchair golfer in Bad Häring
Image 1: Wheelchair golfer in Bad Häring
Wheelchair golf to become Paralympic sport
Golf4you starts the project "Wheelchair Golf Paralympic" with a signature campaign in wheelchair sports clubs and organizations for the disabled. With the action it is to be reached that also the German wheelchair sport federation (DRS) supports this project and cooperates to bring wheelchair golf into the width. The German Disabled Sports Association has already declared its support for this initiative.
Wheelchar golf - from popular sport to Paralympic discipline
Whellchair Golf
is to become a Paralympic discipline. We, from golf4you, with our objective "Golf for all and everywhere", will open the access to the wheelchair athletes with Short Golf.

1) Step
For people with severe disabili0es, short golf certainly provides great enrichment.

• Wheelchair basketball
• Wheelchairl curling
• Wheelchair fencing
• Wheelchair rubgy
• Wheelchair tennis

CARVINGGOLF: Wheelchair golf 4you Logo

2) Step
Many athletes in other Paralympic sports are also wheelchair- dependent and target "Paralympic wheelchair golfers“. Their survey results are particularly valuable for further action.

• Para Ski alpin
• Para Ski nordic
• Para Archery
• Para Boggia
• Para Sport shooting

CARVINGGOLF: Wheelchair golf 4you Logo

3) Step
With the survey results, we will contact the wheelchair sports state associations:

• Austria
• Germany
• Switzerland
• Norway
• England

CARVINGGOLF: Wheelchair golf 4you Logo

Short Golf courses help
Short Golf playing as well as side areas are artificial turf and are designed and built to be wheelchair accessible. No pesticides, no artificial fertilizers, no artificial irrigation, robust and extremely resilient and stable.

Short Golf courses for wheelchair golf are optimally positioned near wheelchair accessible functional areas such as sanitary and catering facilities. The way to the driving range should also not be too long.

Short Golf courses are also available indoors, flexibly installed in sports halls (see Image 1: in Bad Häring) or on recortans in athletics stadiums (see Image 4: USC Munich). athletics stadiums (see picture 4: USC Munich). On the 400 meter synthetic tracks the long wheelchair golf is played over several rounds (2000 to 4000 meters). After each round (400 meters) the short golf course is used for putting.

CARVINGGOLF: Short golf course
Short Golf 25 x 25 meters
CARVINGGOLF: Short golf 25 x 25 meters
Soccer field 80 x 120 meters

Image 2: Size comparison of a short golf course with a soccer field. Artificial grass surface for wheelchair golf width times length 25 x 25 meters.

Compensatory sport golf of professionals
NFL players experience enormous pressure to perform. For them, relaxation is essential to balance out the day-to-day pressure. For stars like Larry Fitzgerald, Brett Kern or Adam Thielen from the NFL's top teams, golf offers the perfect time-out. In addition, we see, besides the already presented players of the FC. Bayern, we also often see Kelly Slater, the multiple world champion in surfing, the former record swimmer Michael Phelps, and tennis star Rafael Nadal on the golf turf.

CARVINGGOLF: Mental relaxation is also compensatory sport
Image 3: Mental relaxation is also compensatory sport

All balancing sports have in common that they are easy on the cardiovascular system and keep the joints flexible and that is the balancing sport of Short Golf. The core movement of Short Golf is the physical pendulum. The work in the golf swing is done by the club, not the player. In doing so, the body moves to the swing in the proper rhythm. No muscle power only dynamizes the swing.

CARVINGGOLF: Wolfgang Schäfer, USC München
Image 4: Wolfgang Schäfer / USC München

Playing wheelchair golf

In major wheelchair golf competitions on 6-hole, 9-hole and 18-hole Short Golf courses are played according to the rules of St. Andrews.

For wheelchair golf on artificial grass courses these rules are simplified.

1) In general, the golfer must play the ball as it lies.

2) Each player must make sure that he plays his own ball.

3) If the ball lands outside the artificial grass, the ball is lost.

4) The player may declare a ball unplayable (a penalty stroke).

5) Movable barriers may be moved out of the way without penalty.

6) In an obstacle, the player may not touch down the club.

7) Loose leaves, stones and branches may be moved without penalty.

Wheelchair golf games

The counting game. It is about winning a round. The winner is the player with the fewest strokes and the most holes played within the predetermined time.
The hole betting game. It's hole by hole. The winner is the player who has won the most holes.

Wheelchair golf course rules

If a ball that has been hit comes to rest outside the playing lanes, then the ball has "crashed". It is no longer playable and the player is eliminated. New golfers are exempt from this rule; they may hit a second ball, as in tennis. In competitions, a predetermined number of holes must be played without crashing in a predetermined time. Individuals, but also teams, play against the crash and for the best time.

For people with severe disabilities, short golf certainly provides great enrichment.

A survey (PDF 150kb) of wheelchair athletes in Paralympic disciplines is intended to confirm this statement and wheelchair athletes in these sports are invited to comment on it.

Munich 03/2022 /Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Bechler

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