Many Players:
favor a certain club in their game, which according to surveys made is the #7 iron. Why this club is chosen is something most players can’t explain. The truth is, this club fits best to their physics of motion. Therefore, the obvious thing to do would be to adapt the other clubs in the bag to this favorite club. The result being, the player would have optimal material and a set of most favored clubs. The facts, however, are not that simple, their interrelation being much more complex.

Unified equipment is a prerequisite for the development of a constant routine of motion. Just as important, however, is the necessity of the same body motion to the golf swing, the individual made-to-measure swing of the player. If we assume that during the swing a player’s upper and lower arm as well as his hands don’t change their geometric pattern, the player using his made-to-measure golf swing would just need to concentrate upon the suspension of the arm-club system, meaning both shoulder joints. In practice, while working on these details, the player loses, seeks, finds and again loses his made-to-measure golf swing, due to the hours played and leading to stress, fatigue and/or frustration.

is the vicious circle which has driven unsuspecting players toward more and more effort and continuously weaker strokes in their game finally driving them to desperation. Gone is the frustration which made players aggressive and then as a result depressive. Gone are the muscular cramps. Gone are the pains caused through slipped discs and slipped knee joints. Gone is the necessity to look up the doctor or go to the drugstore for pain relief. Muscular flexing instead of muscle pain. Made-to-measure golf is needed. Carvinggolf has recognized this need and has created a swing technique which uses a special pattern of movement through the use of clubs having the same shaft lengths. Field tests have shown results of very high hitting accuracy. Golf is a target oriented game where accuracy in relation to the target and hitting length are of greatest importance. Measurements made through 1irongolf in the USA confirm that a slight deviation from the center of the clubhead (1/4 inch) at ball contact results in a loss of up to15 yards hitting distance.

The great advantage of Carvinggolf is that it’s easy to learn the technique. Only four steps have to be followed. Studies have shown that beginners have a hitting precision and steadiness of over 85%. The data of the field studies done, based on the learning progress achieved by beginners using different golf techniques, confirm in a convincing manner and objectively, the considerably higher hitting precision through the Carvinggolf technique and Carvinggolf clubs. Carvinggolf clubs have equally long shafts from the wedges to the #3 iron and therefore the same swing pattern which makes the game more constant. The player does not have to adhere to the so called steep and flat swing patterns of the irons within the traditional set of clubs. Through the equal shaft lengths and the equal lie of the clubs, the position to the ball always remains the same. The ball position itself also remains the same. The ball is always hit from the center, therefore the player makes the same movement with each iron. That is the reason why Carvinggolf is easier to learn.

same club length
one swing plane
optimal conditions the made-to-measure golf swing

different club lengths
different swing planes need to be mastered
difficult conditions for the made-to-measure golf swing

Stack and Tilt
A new swing used on the U.S. tour, called the STACK & TILT SWING, follows a similar goal as Carvinggolf, using a more simplified swing movement to achieve a much better hitting precision, with sensational results. Tiger Woods started adapting his swing to the Stack & Tilt technique four years ago. The Carvinggolf and the Stack & Tilt technique only differ through power development and power effect upon the swing. Stack & Tilt puts its emphasis more upon the rotation technique, while Carvinggolf primarily emphasises the use of the pendulum motion technique.
What both techniques offer: an utmost on a possible

Made-to-Measure Golfswing

This means stabilizing the spinal column and the shoulder – suspension of the arm-club pendulum motion system – at the start of the swing -, through weight transfer in the direction of the target, triggered through stretching the right leg and tilting the upper body. Structural engineers call this movement in it’s conclusion “ obtaining a stable support “. In this static position of the body, all power developments and power effects of both techniques, Carvinggolf and Stack & Tilt , remain undisturbed until ball contact takes place. The made-to-measure golf swing which the player has to achieve and control, is made up of two movements for the backswing and two for the downswing.

Fig. 3. tilt upper body in direction of the target

For The Backswing
it means tilting the upper body sideways in the direction of the target and stretching the right leg. Hereby, the upper body comes forward in the direction of the ball and opens the area needed to allow the pendulum motion for the backswing to take place.

Fig. 4. tilt sideways
from address position
Fig. 5. stretch the right leg
upper body tilts and swivels
into the direction of the ball
Fig. 6 stable static position
for th up- and down -swing and the “one-plane”

For The Downswing

Fig.7. let arms fall hold right hip back

Fig. 8. at the moment of impact, Carvinggolf with it’s pendulum motion technique and it’s clubs with equal shaft lengths, has, to an optimal degree fulfilled the made-to-measure golf swing

The Made-to-Measure Golf Swing with the Carvinggolf Technique
The player always makes the same movement, no matter what club is used, be it a #9 iron or a #3 iron etc. This enables the player to stamp this pattern of movement into his mind much better, faster and more easily. It’s similar to riding a bike, you never forget it. The greater the distance cycled,the more automatic the movement, comparable to playing golf, where the player can implant the same swing pattern into his mind when playing and can recall this pattern anytime needed. The made-to-measure golfswing using the Carvinggolf technique very rapidly becomes a routine movement.
Carvinggolf, makes playing golf much easier. Under the prerequisite of using equal geometric and dynamic conditions of swing and using clubs of the same length, Carvinggolf presents, for the first time, the basis of a new training concept which makes the player learn the game and improve much more rapidly and where through the Stack and Tilt technique additional progress can be made.

By the Way
Through the Carvinggolf technique, the major part of the made-to-measure golf swing is made possible through clubs with unified geometric, rhythmic and dynamic conditions and the independent movement of the dynamic pendulum motion chain. The player only has the task of implementing the made-to-measure routine of movement and self-control.

Munich, Oktober 2008/Be

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