CarvinggolfSpa is a combination of Carvinggolf and Spa.

Carvinggolf is a swing technique allowing the beginning golfer to learn the game much easier and faster and helps the advanced golfer to improve his consistency.

The reason Carvinggolf is easier to learn is because of the swing technique, due to the clubs all having the same shaft lengths. One carrys out the same movement no matter what club is used, be it an iron # 9 or a #3 iron. This consistency in movement lets the player stamp a pattern of this movement into his mind faster and easier. That’s the same reason why one never forgets how to ride a bike. This movement is engraved into the mind through time and kilometers cycled. Just as the golf swing, using the same consistent movement, can be engraved in the golfers mind.

The Spa on the basis of „ayuropa GolfSpa“ is a very meaningful and important partner and training assistant for Carvinggolf. Balance and statics, feeling and dynamics, harmony and symmetry, vitality and synchronization are it’s subjects. To learn how to feel and to experience the dynamics of the Carvinggolf motion of swing are the goals to be reached.
To achieve relaxation in depth through tensing and relaxing the body during the course of the game and to transfer energy into the body through the harmony created by using the Carvinggolf rhythmic movement of swing are the aims. To gain partial and full playing strength and thereby to win self-confidence are the utmost values of CarvinggolfSpa.

Munich, December 2008/Be

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