Dr. Hermann Weiland brings it to the point in his article “Golf für alle, aber billig?” (golf for all, but cheap?), (golf manager, edition 3/10), when he,
as a golf center entrepreneur, recognizes that full-paying club members were, are and will remain to be the backbone of business turnover at German golf centers.“

Golf center managers need club members, especially traditional ones, who pay their annual membership fees. Given an average annual membership fee of € 1000.- ,
840 members are needed to secure an operative economic return. It is well known, however, that not many golf centers fulfill this membership requirement and therefore require other means of capital to solve their economic needs. A yearly increase of 20.000 newly registered golfers does not ease this problem, due to the fact that new centers are being built which in turn drain the increase in value accrued. This is becoming more and more of a problem. Help is needed.
Step Wedge Play offers an alternative!

STEP WEDGE PLAY is a new way to play golf, where the player only approaches and putts. It is no secret that approx. 2/3 of all strokes pertain to the short game, meaning at least 36 putts and 18 approaches. The remaining 18 strokes made by a professional are long drives. STEP WEDGE PLAY is 100% golf, played as a short game using special clubs called Wedge Irons, and using a special swing technique called the STEP WEDGE TECHNIQUE played upon a special playing area, the golf park. Klick here to see the Step Wedge Technique!

Step Wedge Technique
Fig. 1
The STEP WEDGE TECHNIQUE using special clubs and a special swing technique

D.A. Weibring, a veteran of the U.S. PGA tour designed and built his first golf park at Plano. Texas, in 2000. The faiways are between 30 and 65 yards long. The 18 hole golf course was designed for beginners needing to improve their swing but also is used by experienced golfers wanting to improve their short game.

STEP WEDGE PLAY is the first step in learning to play golf. When the first joy of playing the game is aroused, the Carvinggolf technique leads to the second level of play. Now, the gate toward playing golf successfully has opened!

Where is STEP WEDGE PLAY found?
A golf park has the same qualities as a high quality golf course. The only difference existing in the fairway length. 9 holes are built on a small piece of farm land , in addition to ponds, bunkers and tee-offs. The greens and tees are built with a mixture of lime-free sand. Small roads and hazards are natural and man-made. The golf course architect strategically uses an area of only 10 thousand square meters in order to force the player to play his game highly goal oriented, leaving very little room for mistakes. The fairways are sufficiently separated through water hazards and terrain contouring including strategic planting. This makes the golf parks completely safe.

Fig. 2
Golfpark M 1:100
Design Dipl. Ing. TU
Jürgen Bechler

P.S. To get to know and start off with STEP WEDGE PLAY, all you need is a small playground or field. An ideal terrain to get a feel for the ball for the first time!

How is STEP WEDGE PLAY played?
The player doesn’t have to cope with having to hit the ball long distances with one stroke! This problem is solved with the STEP WEDGE IRON. These are special clubs, so called one-joint pendulum motion clubs, where the pendulum motion occurs in front of or on the side of the upper body and where a maximum hitting distance of approx. 40 meters is possible. Dipl. Ing. Juergen Bechler in collaboration with Mr. Thomas Thoeni (PGA professional) and sport science instructors of the Technical University of Munich have developed and refined a swing technique for these clubs on the basis of the physical pendulum. A joy for golfers of all ages, of all playing levels and takes into consideration all personal playing ambitions. There is no easier, more gentle, faster and least dangerous way to enjoy this game.

    Fig. 3
The left hand locked to the chest,
the right hand leads and accelerates
the pendulum motion.

The STEP WEDGE PLAY TECHNIQUE comprises less complicated patterns of movement. STEP WEDGE PLAY is an ideal introduction into the game of golf for beginners. Why?: because it gives the beginner a very fast sense of achievement- from the beginning of play he makes few or almost no mistakes!
For handicapped players (having back or knee problems) or for the senior golfer, STEP WEDGE PLAY offers undreamt-of possibilities of continuing to play a joyful game.

For all tourists, STEP WEDGE PLAY offers an ideal introduction into the world of golf – without having to learn complicated rules.

Fig. 4
Step Wedge Play Iron 8/9/PW
and Step Wedge Play Putter.

STEP WEDGE PLAY – an introductory support for the game of golf?
STEP WEDGE PLAY offers everyone the possibility, through simplicity, to learn
the fascinating game of golf.
STEP WEDGE PLAY offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a golf course
with 9 holes on only a max. of 10.000 meters.
STEP WEDGE PLAY reduces the area and time of play without changing the
contents of the game.
STEP WEDGE PLAY means ¼ less investment and operating costs for the
management and the player pays only ½ of the regular greenfee costs, rental fee
for the clubs and balls included.
STEP WEDGE PLAY is fun for everyone; a faster and more healthy way to learn the game of golf
faster, means

half of the playing time needed - only 2 hours and 15 minutes for 18 holes immediately able and ready to play
more healthy, means

the least physical pressure during the swing
no danger through others
healthy through movement
learning golf , means

100% golf fascination
for half the price
including the latest equipment
“all” players are immediately qualified to play,
- no club membership demanded
- no golf association membership needed

STEP WEDGE PLAY can, pointing out the above advantages, become the stepping stone to golf. STEP WEDGE PLAYERS become golf players and the golf game in turn gains new members.

A symbiosis with a future
Fig. 5
GC Hetzenhof and other golf entrepreneurs are already making plans for the future!

Munich, 24.7.2010/Be

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