To all experienced golf players, when putting, the Yip is a well known concept and much feared opponent who seldom can be consciously defeated. The most prominent victim was Bernhard Langer, well-known German golfer. Earlier, holding the club with both hands always presented the risk of an uncoordinated move of the hands, resulting in the danger of hitting the ball with a lack of precision. The broomstick, a putter reaching up to and being held at the upper chest of the player and moved through pendulum motion, brought Mr. Langer back into the top international rankings.
The putter is hereby held with the left hand under the players chin and with the right hand moved in the rhythm of the pendulum.
The Yip was everywhere!

What is good for the broomstick, is also good for the iron! These thoughts came to the mind of the developer of Carvinggolf - the birth of the
STEP WEDGE -. The STEP WEDGE IRONs are special PWs, 9 and 8 iron and optionally also the SW and 7 iron, all having equally long shafts, which, however, are lengthened.
The upper end of the shaft reaches to the upper part of the player’s chest and is held like the broomstick putter, with the player’s left hand. The hand, chest and body reach a static unity, thereby creating optimal conditions for a stable center of swing, the prerequisite for an undisturbed pendulum motion swing. The right hand is only responsible for the pendulum motion of the swing and should not contribute to a rotation movement. A long shaft significantly reduces swing errors, which can occur through the movement of major joints like shoulder, elbow and wrist, and creates a stable unity of movement.
The unstable wrist is hereby switched off. A precise approach technique was discovered!


Carvinggolf - YIP FREI MIT STEP WEDGE TECHNIK   Klassische Ansprechposition
Fig. 1
  Fig. 2
Traditional approach,
more forward lean of the upper body,
more pronounced bending of the knees.

The STEP WEDGE TECHNIQUE is a special swing technique using the
STEP WEDGE IRON on the basis of physical pendulum motion, without active body rotation. At the take away, the player partially transfers the center of swing toward the goal by stretching the back leg. The upper body shows a minimal forward tilt similar to STACK and TILT without active rotation.

Within this stabilized body position, the player starts the back swing.
During the down swing. he stretches his left leg and the club head moves like a pendulum without the use of active hand pressure toward the ball.
The center of swing remains above, in other words, in front of the ball.
When hitting for distance, the player achieves the swing momentum primarily through stretching the left leg. The rhythm of the power input is similar to that of a “swing”.

Carving Golf - Anpendeln   Carving Golf - Durchschwung
Fig. 3
At the start of pendulum motion,
tthe right leg is actively straightened. Weight transfer and tilting toward the goal is passive.

(red arrows: actions
yellow arrows: reactions)
  Fig. 4
IDuring the follow-through, the left leg is actively stretched. Then a passive step toward the goal is made, and through a “straightening” of the body
allows the pendulum to be freed.

The swing is blocked when using the traditional chipping technique. Pendulum motion does not take place and long distance shots can seldom be achieved. The STEP WEDGE TECHNIQUE solves this problem. With the STEP WEDGE TECHNIQUE, the player, using the loading impulse of the left leg, begins to straighten up at ball contact and simultaneously makes a first step in the direction of the goal. Using a stronger swing energy results in one or more steps being needed to play the ball.
>> Swinging through step by step, not blocking. A harmony of movement and fulfillment!
Uniform geometric, rhythmic and dynamic conditions are prerequisites for an optimal golf swing. These are the advantages of the
STEP WEDGE IRON, which have shafts of equal length. In addition, a simplification of the swing is achieved through the elimination of wrist activity. The swing technique is learned through the pro, the STEP WEDGE IRON can be ordered through Carvinggolf.

Buy your success for € 170 net, plus shipping costs and:
Fig. 5

STEP WEDGE IRON in length comparison with a classical iron 8.

Fig. 6
STEP WEDGE IRON correspond to the rules of golf by R&A.
STEP WEDGE IRON is invented by Jürgen Bechler (innovator), developed by SCT (institute for biomechanics) and produced by Komperdell.

Munich, 28.1.2010 /Be, Tu, Kr

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