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NEW TEACHING METHOD - Step Wedge Technique combined with Carvinggolf

Executing the physical pendulum, the basic element of the golf swing, the core of the total movement to be exercised with the golf pupil, is the primary task of a golf teacher. It doesn’t matter what swing theory he prefers or which empirically derived training method he follows. The first task of the pupil is to learn how to correctly move to the rhythm of the physical pendulum, the basic element of the golf swing.
An absolute necessity before being able to give his swing the necessary dynamics.

NEW TEACHING METHOD - step 1 - The basic movement and club pendulum
In the process of learning the basic movement, the STEP WEDGE IRON, an iron with
a long shaft has proven it’s well-established reliability. It does not allow the player to compensate a possible wrong movement within his swing pattern. If the ball flies, the pupil has moved in the correct rhythm to the swing. If not, flying grass is the result.
For indoor play, plastic balls are used, on par 3 short courses, regular golf balls.
Fig. 1: Learn to feel the pendulum rhythm with the STEP WEDGE IRON ( step 1 ).

Step Wedge Technik
Fig. 2: Moving in the right rhythm to the swing with the STEP WEDGE IRON ( step 1 ).

NEW TEACHING METHOD – step 2 – The pendulum chain, the arm-club pendulum
When the player has learned to move in the right rhythm to the correct swing using the STEP WEDGE, and the balls are hit well, he will be able to learn the golf swing using Carvinggolf clubs without any great difficulties. The Carvinggolf technique will allow him to progress in his game much faster as compared to using the traditional technique.

NEW TEACHING METHOD – step 3 – To make the swing dynamic
The fact that all swing theories and empirically developed training methods are derived from the basis of total movement, Carvinggolf, makes this teaching method compatible to all these training methods. When the player has learned to accelerate through the Carvinggolf technique of muscular tension, he can also consequently use other club head accelerating components.


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