Well equipped with the MAGIC NET SOCK!

The French word for foot sole means: the dynamo-metric map of equilibrium.
A very fitting definition. Insoles, which encourage the front part of the foot to revive its natural function of support and movement could prove to be a real winner.
The patented MAGIC NET SOCK could be this winner. This sport sock has an open netting patch under the front foot, securing a direct contact between the sole of the foot and the shoe sole. This direct contact keeps the foot from slipping, improves blood circulation and supports a better foot stimulation.

Magic Net Sock   Fig. 1
The net under the front foot
improves blood circulation
and supports a better foot

A direct and slip-free contact provides, in addition to a secure and stable balance, an improved transfer of energy. This allows a golf player to hit he ball farther and at the same time improves his hitting precision. Hereby, the golfers’ transfer of movement is optimized, thereby improving his swing. The MAGIC NET SOCK is a must for not only golfers but also for track-and-field athletes, ball players, mountain climbers etc.For all whose feet slip in their shoes, this sock is the answer. The golfer or track-and-field athlete improves his performance and feels more comfortable, experiencing no constant rubbing when his foot sits firm in his shoe. Hikers and ball players reduce their tendency to experience painful blisters and blue toes.

Magic Net Sock   Fig. 2
Less slipping at the start.
Better performance when
sprinting and jumping with

Golf courses with a soft and uneven terrain provide an enormous challenge to a golfers balance and positioning reflexes. The meaning of touch stimuli needed for balance and positioning reflexes have been strongly underestimated. Caressing the feet is as important as caressing is for the whole individual. The sole of the foot has a dense supply of nerves. Temperature, texture and the condition of the foots epidermis continuously stimulate these nerve endings. How the foot feels a terrain, is an important source of information for a players balance, secure step and ability to react.

Magic Net Sock   Fig. 3
Optimal transfer of touch stimuli through the netting patch under the front foot, supports balance, a secure step and ability to react.

Balance and ability to react are prerequisites for a good and successful game of golf. For this reason it makes great sense to support the foots’transfer of touch stimuli and not block them through the use of traditional insoles and soft socks.

Modern shoes having substantially thinner flexible elastic soles and the use of the MAGIC NET SOCK, provide the help needed. Therefore:

Well prepared and good to the feet – leads to a good and successful game!


Dr. med. Christian Larsen
Gut zu Fuß ein Leben lang
Trias Verlag


Munich, 09.2010/Be

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