Fig. 1
MAGIC NET GLOVE with white imitation leather ...

It’s secret lies in the net structure made of synthetic material. The fibres of the net press lightly upon the surface of the grip and skin, there where the player develops grip pressure.The surfaces that are pressed upon each other remain immovable and the moisture drains through the mesh. Similar to tires needing chains in the winter on ice and snow when the roads are slippery, the MAGIC NET GLOVE gives the player the secure grip when the playing gets “wet”!

Fig. 2 .... and a net that breathes, when the hands get wet.

Up to now it was not possible to hold a loose grip – the prerequisite for a controlled and long shot – when a thin moisture coating appeared between the traditional glove and the skin, resp. the club grip. That is now past-tense! With the MAGIC NET GLOVE, the player now has a grip aid that, under all weather conditions, provides an optimal integration between the hand and the grip.

If you don’t want to loose your joy of golfing under normal or adverse conditions, try out the MAGIC NET GLOVE, you won’t regret it!
The MAGIC NET GLOVE is available in our Carvinggolf shop starting the end of May 2010. sizes : S/M/L/XL at a price of 35 Euro excl. transport costs.

Munich, March 2010

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