Which golfer doesn’t have problems with his swing when it begins to rain and the grip of the club gets wetter and wetter? The towel , used to dry the hands and the grip, soakes up more and more moisture and at the same time the rain glove totally gives up its capability to keep the hands dry. At this time , frustration reaches its peak. The club slides in the hand, is loose, and the swing is shot ! At such times, players have seen clubs flying through the air! Sweating palms and older worn-down grips have caused similar calamities. One can imagine how a Carvinggolfer, playing during such a chaotic situation, is looked at with admiration by other players when calmly carrying out his pendulum motion swing using his secure, loose grip and having no necessity to dry his hands.

Carving Golf - Magic Glove

Demands a loose grip by the player, in order for him to achieve the “kick”, a higher club head acceleration acquired through the whiplash effect which in turn speeds up the motion of the pendulum swing. Up to now, given a thin coating of water between the traditional all-weather glove and the skin, resp. the club grip, it was impossible to hold a loose and at the same time,secure grip. The grip had to become more firm, causing the basis of the golf swing, the physical pendulum motion movement, to fade away more and more. This difficulty made it necessary for Carvinggolf to find a solution to the so called “grip problem“. This grip aid (glove) is used when the old grip is worn and slippery, similar to snow tires needing chains on snow and ice in the winter. Carvinggolf calls this net glove the

because of it’s ability to solve the problem of sliding grips, due to grease and moisture films on the palm of the players hands.
The secret of the “Magic Net Glove” lies in its net structure, made of synthetic material. The fibres of the net press lightly upon the surface of the grip and skin, there where the player develops grip pressure. The surfaces that are pressed upon each other remain immovable, the moisture draining through the mesh.

The “Magic Net Glove“ has passed all tests with excellence, waiting to be used by avid golfers. The Carvinggolf all-weather glove is available in all sizes, for men and women, for right- and left-handed players and as a glove or mitten – a perfect gift for all occasions! (www.carvinggolf.com).

Carving Golf - Magic Glove

The times of the “pale-handed“ players have passed, the “Magic Net Glove“ provides the player with a nice tan on the back of both hands!

Carving Golf - Magic Glove Carving Golf - Magic Glove
Do you prefer a mitten ... or a glove?
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