The 27th annual conference of the international society for biomechanics in the sports (ISBS) took place in Limerick from August 17th to August 21st.
It was the first time that the Carving golf swing technique was introduced to an international, scientific audience.

Dr. Ferdinand Tusker and Florian Kreuzpointner showed on a poster the differences in the horizontal force while executing the Carving golf swing technique and the classical golf swing. The Carving golf swing produces around 75% reduced horizontal momentum. That means a clearly smaller lateral shift of the body which is also a movement-technical basis for relieved learning of the Carving Golf technique.

The people who are interested in spoon shot and biomechanics analyzed the results and discussed with much commitment the pro and cons of both techniques. Some which showed up in relation to the new transaction type very skeptically. They got suggestions for thinking it over in the process of the congress. Consuming up one can note that Carving golf is continued to be observed with high interest. The trade is waiting for further research results at this interesting new movement technique.

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Results of biomechanical studies of two ways to execute the golf swing

Dr. Ferdinand Tusker

Dr. Ferdinand Tusker

Munich, 14.09.2009 (FT)

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