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„Quads“ - Irons for the short precise game
Enjoying the game using four irons „ironQuad“ PW/9/8/7

„Quads“ are clubs with equally long shafts – suited to the size of the player. The uniform lengths of the shafts always let the player`s distance to the ball remain the same. Another effect is that the swing pattern (Carving pattern) of the club’s head is always the same, regardless of the iron used. Clubs with equally long shafts allow the player to learn a movement much easier, his goal being, to achieve a high level of movement consistency.

Goal oriented, precise play
Given an 18-hole course, if the player is able to reach the goal, 18 of his strokes are approaching strokes toward the green. These strokes are very important for his score, because the more precisely the ball is played toward the flag, the less putts are needed on the green. As a rule, approaching strokes toward the green are played with a short iron, the irons PW/9/8 or 7. It therefore seemed obvious to standardize these four irons by giving them the same shaft lengths. The „Quads“ were born!

„Quads“ the precision clubs

„Quad“ club head for ironQuads PW/9/8/7
fig. 1: „Quad“ club head for ironQuads PW/9/8/7.

Quad clubs offer, using equally long shafts from the wedge to the 7-iron, an always equal swing pattern, which allows playing consistency. It is not necessary to relate to the so-called steep and flat swing planes of the various irons of the traditional set of clubs.Through equal shaft lengths and the equal lie of the clubs, the distance to the ball is always the same. Also, the position of the ball remains the same.
The ball is always hit from the middle. Therefore, when using Quad clubs, with every stroke one does the same thing.

traditional School
addressing position
addressing position Carvinggolf
addressing position traditional School
standing position
standing position Carvinggolf
standing position traditional School
fig. 2: Using „Quads“ means always using the same swing pattern, due to the constant addressing and standing position.

The reason why, using „Quads“, precision golf can be learned more easily and faster, is the implementation of always the same movement, using either a PW or a 7-iron. The repetition sequence - at least 18 repetitions on an 18-hole course – help the player memorize the pattern of movement faster and more easily. That is also the reason why one never forgets how to ride a bike! This movement is impressed upon the brain due to the many kilometers pedaled.
Meaning, that through using
„Quads“, the player’s golf swing can also be impressed upon the brain due to the use of always the same swing pattern

By the way,
if desired, we can enlarge your set of Quad clubs through adding a Quad sandwedge, a Quad 6/5- or 4-iron.

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